Meeting Notes

Strictly Business Body Language

The Cincinnati Tri-State Chapter of NIRI held its fifth meeting of the season on May 22, 2012. Jan Hargrave, an expert in nonverbal communication, captivated the audience with a presentation including audience participation on this subject that applies to Investor Relations Professionals both on the job and in their personal lives. Below are some key points Jan shared at the meeting.

  • Nonverbal communication is a significant factor in determining whether we like or trust a person, and also influences interactions in business settings, including meetings involving IR Professionals.
  • Body language expressed in courtrooms has been thoroughly studied and is a helpful indicator of whether a person is speaking truthfully. The body does not know how to tell a lie, while words do. Jan provided several examples, such as left-hand gestures typically associated with dishonesty.
  • Jan discussed several other gestures and what they communicate, including a thorough analysis of handshaking. For example, downward facing palms indicate control, while upward facing shows submissiveness. Important honesty gestures include one’s right hand over the heart and feet flat on the floor or pointed toward a target. A great indicator of confidence is “steepling”, bringing the hands together in the chest area, seemingly to form a church steeple.
  • Another area briefly mentioned was body language displayed when males or females are trying to attract the opposite sex. The examples prompted laughter, and maybe a few nervous glances – helping to demonstrate the far-reaching effects of communicating through body language.
  • Jan also provided a summary document entitled “Understanding Nonverbal Communication”. (Click here to view the document.)

    NIRI chapters seeking information about Jan speaking at one of their meetings should contact Jan directly using the following contact information:

    Jan Hargrave
    Body Language Expert
    713-622-9400 direct
    281-772-1110 mobile