Meeting Notes

Program Year Recap and Examples of the Learning and Networking Benefits Offered by Your Cincinnati Tri State NIRI Chapter

One of the best ways to enhance your investor relations effectiveness and keep your business skills and knowledge fresh is to take advantage of opportunities provided through the Cincinnati Tri- State Chapter of NIRI. Local chapters of the National Investor Relations Institute facilitate networking with other IR professionals and provide continuing education and current information on a variety of subjects important to your success as an IR professional.

During the 2010-2011 program year, the Cincinnati Tri-State chapter held seven meetings.

The program year ended with a dinner meeting where we had a chance to hear an overview of information from NIRI’s national conference, held early in the month. Meetings earlier in the year included:

  • Preparing for the 2011 Proxy Season - John Siemann of Phoenix Advisory Partners outlined practical steps to address emerging issues on Say-on-Pay and other aspects of the Dodd-Frank legislation.
  • What You Should Know About Non-Verbal Communications – The chapter “previewed” an exciting NIRI National topic, as nationally-acclaimed body language expert Patti Wood led us through audience exercises to demonstrate how body language or non-verbal cues affect our message and to help us discern non-verbal cues of others in conversations and presentations.
  • Pilgrimage to Warren Buffet’s Omaha - Author Jeff Matthews gave us his personal insights on how Warren’s personality traits and approach to IR (and his legendary annual shareholders’ meetings) have helped make him so successful. Attendees received a free copy of his book.
  • Making Sense of Mad Markets - Tim Quast of Modern IR spoke to us about how stock market changes have transformed investors into traders, how the behavior of money is behind stock trading and how IR professionals can better understand how trading really works.
  • How the Buy-Side Makes Decisions and Measuring IR Effectiveness - Brian Rival of Rivel Research shared with us survey results indicating the most important factors driving investor decisions, plus key “dos” and “don’ts” that the buy side says every IR professional should know.
  • Understanding Escheatment Laws and How They Impact Shareholders - Andrew Ranaudo, Vice President of Keane, helped to unravel mysteries of these complex laws and offered solutions for lowering shareholder costs.

Does it sound like you missed some important stuff? Do you enjoy engaging other professionals in discussion and fun in a relaxed environment?

We hope you’ll join us during our next programming year, which kicks off in the fall of 2011. Better yet, consider getting involved in a leadership role, for one meeting or for the year. Being part of the leadership group is a great way to make sure that issues on your mind are addressed. You will benefit and so will your colleagues. Contact one of the current officers for any questions or to volunteer. General information about the chapter is available on this site, or you may contact one of the chapter officers.