Meeting Notes

NIRI Cincinnati Tri-State April 8, 2014 Meeting

NIRI Cincinnati Tri-State April 8, 2014 Meeting


Lisa Rose with Dix & Eaton
Lauren Rich Fine with Howard & O’Brien Executive Search


Strategic Messaging
Lisa gave insight into strategic messaging. Lauren spoke about her experiences as an analyst with Merrill Lynch and how an analyst might perceive some messages. Below are the main points discussed, which included input from the audience.

  • What you said vs. what I heard
  • Nonanswers could be a signal
  • Vulnerability assessment of susceptibility to being an activist’s target
  • Being proactive when addressing issues
  • Craft your message so you don’t have to be defensive
  • Anticipate what questions analysts might ask
    • Pay attention to what they are asking your peers
  • TANGO model for essential communication
    • T – What TYPE of conversation is it?
    • A - What is my ATTITUDE (mindset) going into this conversation?
    • N - What are the NEEDS of this conversation
    • GO – Execution (Go!)
  • New technology changes things, makes presentations more visual
  • Concept of content marketing will be important for IR
  • One liners can get taken out of context
  • Build relationships with investors and the governance teams who influence proxy voting
  • Utilize proxy advisory firms
  • Utilize roadshows to meet with the people at the company who do the voting