Meeting Notes

Highlights of 2016 NIRI Annual Conference



John Chevalier (P&G) and John Morgan (Lexmark) shared  highlights and key learnings from the 2016 NIRI Annual Conference, June 5-8 in  San Diego, with the group of 11 chapter members attending the June 27 meeting.
  The information shared and resulting group discussion  were both excellent. A special thank you to American Financial Group for  hosting our meeting.

2016 NIRI Annual Conference Report
  John Chevalier

  • Great content and networking as usual; attendance  somewhat lower than the prior year
  • General session speakers were insightful and  inspiring, and industry roundtable sessions are helpful in focusing on unique  common issues
  • Best session was Senior IR Roundtable luncheon,  which featured Frank Luntz,  author and well-known political pollster, speaking on effective messaging with  11 powerful words, recent political messages and how techniques translate to  company messaging
  • Other good sessions included corporate  governance, investor outreach and IRO career insight from three executive  recruiters.

John Morgan

  • Great experience overall and highly worthwhile
  • Two of the best sessions were:
    • Andy Goodman,  author, speaker and consultant in public interest communications, speaking on  improving communication through storytelling in order to add powerful narrative  to data
    • Carey Lohrenz, first female F-14 Tomcat  pilot, speaking on “fearless  leadership” and the many aspects of preparation with your support team as  well as the actual team charged with execution

General Chapter News

  • John Chevalier will serve as our chapter  advocacy representative and encouraged chapter members to share view of  relevant issues.
  • John Morgan shared NIRI National’s call for  volunteers to participate in the creation of the IRC Chapter Toolkit materials.  Please contact John if you are willing to volunteer and/or recommend someone  with expertise in one of the 10 subject areas in the IR Competency Framework.