Meeting Notes

Cincinnati Tri State NIRI Chapter meeting

Cincinnati Tri State NIRI Chapter meeting

March 5, 2008

Smooch Repovich Reynolds was the speaker, the facilitator and the entertainment for about 20 Cincinnati Tri State NIRI Chapter members and guests at a meeting in West Chester on March 5. Reynolds, an IR Magazine columnist and human capital markets innovator, lead the session titled “The New State of the IR Career Path from the C-Suite's Perspective -- Do You Really Know Your Leadership Team's View?"


With wit and candor, and an “open spoon” as a mike, Reynolds gamely worked the crowd, getting audience input on everything from the state of the economy to the state of the IR industry to the state of the workplace and the work ethic in Everytown, U.S.A. Along the way, she passed on truths she's learned from more than two decades of communications, executive recruitment and human capital work. Among her pearls of wisdom:

•  The technical skills of an IR professional are the easy part; it's the intangible that's tough…and critically important. Among those intangibles: Leadership qualities, judgment, effective communication skills, understanding what investors want and think, understanding the board and the various motivations of directors, expertly navigating political waters.

•  In addition to technical and intangible skills, what companies really want in their IROs is someone who can contribute across the enterprise.

•  CFOs also want IROs to be a psychological business partner to them; they want more than functional excellence.

•  Immerse yourself in the business of the business you're in.

•  Ideas and innovation create a competitive edge for companies and for careers.

•  Since Sept. 11, 2001, quality of life has become a huge factor in the workplace. People want work-life balance. At some point, this will affect every company. How will your company deal with this?

•  Already, there is friction in the workplace because of the different values and drive of five generations working together. In the coming years, companies will need to make a substantial investment in their people. They must first determine the touch point for their employees.

•  Don't let technology erode human capital. Not everything should be done via e-mail.

•  If you are looking to change jobs, know that lower base salaries are the trend now along with more long-term incentives. Companies are working to more closely link individual and corporate performance. This is a win for both the companies and the talent they are hiring.

•  When looking at compensation with a job offer, take a close look at how the compensation pie is sliced. Understand your needs, your desires and your trade-offs. Look at the whole picture, and look at the upside potential over the long term.

Reynolds lead the meeting much like a talk-show host might, roving the audience with a spoon for a microphone and sparking fast and easy conversation. It was a fun, informative and thought-provoking exchange that everyone seemed to enjoy.

Next chapter meeting: May 19

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