Meeting Notes

Cincinnati Tri State Chapter NIRI Presents: “Tools of the Trade” Nicole McIntosh, Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc.

About 15 members and guests of the Cincinnati Tri State Chapter of NIRI met at the on Nov. 10 to discuss “Tools of the Trade” with Nicole McIntosh, director of investor relations at Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. Nicole is a member of NIRI's Board of Directors and the Board liaison with the Cincinnati Chapter. She is a past president of the Kansas City Chapter of NIRI having served on its board since 2000.

Nicole shared insights gained through building and managing Waddell & Reed's first formal IR program. For a copy of the presentation, send an e-mail to Lisa McLaughlin at .

  • “It all begins with a plan.” Start by determining what you want to accomplish, whether your program will be reactive or proactive, and how you can assess results.
  • Examine the resources that are available to help get your message to investors – from basic communications tools such as face-to-face opportunities and conferences to services available from the stock exchanges and vendors.
  • In terms of targeting services, measure the value of the information that will be provided and how it can help forecast the next wave of investors in your company. Check whether there are value-adds offered by vendors such as contact management databases.
  • Look at the options available for measuring results. Stock surveillance and perception studies are more expensive options. Making note of direct feedback from investors – including verbal and non-verbal cues – is extremely important.
  • Sources of information are plentiful – news clippings, RSS feeds, peer company Web sites, specialists/market makers, sell-side analysts, personal network, and NIRI.
  • In preparing an annual IR plan, getting executive buy-in on the plan is key to ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of outreach level and tone of messaging.
    • What's worked best for Nicole? Building a strong professional network and involvement in NIRI; developing an annual IR plan that has the support of management team; learning to differentiate between what's needed versus what's wanted (or what vendors think is needed.)

The Cincinnati Tri State Chapter's next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 2 at the Ferguson Showroom. Our host is John English, vice president of investor relations, North America for Wolseley plc and chapter membership chair for 2008-2009. Karin Kane from Thomson Reuters will be speaking on the topic of “Green is the New Black” or addressing investor interest in corporate social responsibility and governance programs.